4 common pitfalls

Distractions Focus on what you are doing. Having a multitude of tabs open, watching a movie in the background, playing poker, cooking, tending to the kids and chatting with a friend will take concentration away from your FX trading. Many people are lured into FX trading because it is something they can do from home, […]

Regulated FX brokers

When you are searching for an FX broker for retail trading, it is a good idea to check if the brokers you are interested in are regulated and if so, how. In which jurisdictions are they regulated? Are they only regulated by law, or are they also restricted by other rules, e.g. a broker association […]

Forex Strategy Tutorial:  Swing Trading

Swing trading is popular among forex traders interested in short term trading strategies. A swing trader in the forex market will typically keep a position open for more than one day but less than one week. This distinguishes swing trading strategies from day trading strategies, since FX day traders typically want to close most positions […]

Forex Strategy Tutorial: Breakout Trading

Break out strategy is a trading strategy based on the trader’s ability to spot new trends as they emerge. When utilized correctly by a skilled trader, it can be a highly profitable strategy. However, it is notoriously difficult (even for seasoned FX traders) to distinguish up-and-down fluctuations within a trend from signs that are telling […]

Forex Strategy Tutorial: Trend Trading

Trend trading attempts to spot and take advantage of trends in the market. It is a strategy utilized by traders on many markets, not just the forex market. When prices are moving in a certain direction, they are likely to continue to move in that direction. Sometimes there will be small fluctuations up and down, […]