Forex Analysis Guide

Fundamental Analysis In finance, fundamental analysis is the analysis of the foundation of an asset or similar. For a company share, fundamental analysis will typically involve the analysis of financial statements that includes information about the company’s assets, liabilities and earnings. Looking at the company’s overall health, risks posed by competitors, and the general market […]

Forex Strategy Tutorial:  Swing Trading

Swing trading is popular among forex traders interested in short term trading strategies. A swing trader in the forex market will typically keep a position open for more than one day but less than one week. This distinguishes swing trading strategies from day trading strategies, since FX day traders typically want to close most positions […]

Forex Strategy Tutorial: Trend Trading

Trend trading attempts to spot and take advantage of trends in the market. It is a strategy utilized by traders on many markets, not just the forex market. When prices are moving in a certain direction, they are likely to continue to move in that direction. Sometimes there will be small fluctuations up and down, […]