FX Spread – the hidden cost

In the world of trading, the difference between the bid price and the ask price for something, such as a company share, is called the spread. How to calculate the spread In the forex markets, currencies are traded in pairs and the price of a currency is always quoted in terms of its price in […]

4 common pitfalls

Distractions Focus on what you are doing. Having a multitude of tabs open, watching a movie in the background, playing poker, cooking, tending to the kids and chatting with a friend will take concentration away from your FX trading. Many people are lured into FX trading because it is something they can do from home, […]

Forex Strategy Tutorial: Breakout Trading

Break out strategy is a trading strategy based on the trader’s ability to spot new trends as they emerge. When utilized correctly by a skilled trader, it can be a highly profitable strategy. However, it is notoriously difficult (even for seasoned FX traders) to distinguish up-and-down fluctuations within a trend from signs that are telling […]